Ryan Farmer

Ryan Farmer

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Ryan Farmer is an Americana singer songwriter hailing from Nottingham, UK. Taking 11206948_1047458701953074_765565236572211059_ninfluence from the blues of the Mississippi Delta, the traditional folk of the Appalachian Mountains and the honky tonk from a Texas bar room, prepare for songs to make you dance, drink, cry and praise the lord in the space of a few minutes.

After the success of his debut Worries & Troubles in 2014 (I’m Not From London Records), Ryan is back with more tales of whiskey, women and worry with his 2nd EP ‘Lurch.’ With his unique blend of gospel, country and blues, Ryan’s music has been praised across the midlands for the last two years.

Ryan will definitely win you over he’s exceptional and roots acoustic evening will always be a big fan


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