Nashville in Nottinghamshire … NG16

local music is on the rise

hillbilly fever

In case you missed it folks, there’s an exciting vibe in the Notts music scene at the moment … and it doesn’t all happen in the big city. Deep in NG16 you’ll find a quaint stream called the ‘Bagthorpe Brook’ that runs through the picturesque Lower Bagthorpe valley in the heart of Nottinghamshire. The waters of the brook are said to carry magical powers. Locals still regale tales of DH Lawrence and Lord Byron strolling down the lane in search of inspiration for their poetic musings.


The ‘Bagthorpe Delta’ as it is affectionately known, has become the inspiration for a host of local musicians who draw upon the rich tapestry of folklore that exists within the region. A veritable hub of activity has grown up around the 18th century traditional pub, the Dixies Arms run by purveyors of fine ale and music supporters Tony & Vicky. So much so, that…

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